MDIS – Form@ter will be from October, 16 au 20

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Automn school

    • Monday, 16 October, 14-18h : Introduction to surrogate models
    • Tuesday, 17 October, 9-13h and 14-19h: Optimized computation on GTEP (ESA Geohazard Thematic exploitation Platform) for the computation of DEM and the quantification of deformation from optical satellite images + Interferometric processing on the ETALAB Form@ter software (in parrallel)

Presentation of the MDIS workshop

The MDIS workshop (Measurement of Deformation by Space Imagery) is a small biennial workshop intended to bring together researchers and students working on the techniques of radar interferometry and radar image correlation, the recovery and the exploitation of these observations for various applications : seismic cycle, volcanic cycle, surface deformation related to human activity (urban, hydrological, mining, oil pumping subsidence), cryosphere, landslides, etc.

This workshop also welcomes specialists in image and signal processing, or in Big Data processing. The objectives are to share theoretical and practical knowledge on these issues and to coordinate discussions and actions with various institutions (data centers, space agencies, Europe).

This workshop will include oral presentations, poster sessions and discussions, particularly covering the following themes : (1) Recent and futur satellites (2) Extraction of physical signal  (3) Geophysical interpretation (4) Intensive processing.

You are invited to present your research with the idea of sharing processing experiences, knowledge of various sensors, methods and tools, to report on the current state of the art and possibly to outline new perspectives.

Subscription, housing and meals will be funded by the organizing committee with the exception of diners during the automn school on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17.

MDIS – Form@ter will be from October, 16 au 20

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