Postdoctoral research fellowship program : Selections announced

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The selection committee gave its verdict.

5 research projects have been shortlisted in the main list and 5 others in the reserve list.
Subjects rated A are:

  • Towards a comprehensive description of lava emplacement dynamics: Linking the roles of chemistry, thermodynamics and rheology in determining lava flow morphology (Magdalena CHEVREL)
  • Using Archean sedimentary rocks to understand how the first continents were formed (Marion GARÇON)
  • Formation de croûte continentale à la transition Hadéen-Archéen à travers l’étude des systèmes isotopiques U-Pb et Lu-Hf des zircons du complexe du Napier (Antarctique) (Martin GUITREAU)
  • Evolution thermo-chimique d’un océan magmatique (Julien MONTEUX)
  • Probing Pyroclastic Flow Using Ultrasound: An Experimental Approach (Siet Van Den WILDENBERG)

Subjects shortlisted in the reserve list are:

  • Particle segregation and behaviour within pyroclastic density currents( Samantha ENGWELL)
  • Forensics of plagioclase phenocrysts(Benoît WELSCH)
  • Timescales in Magma Reservoirs from textural and chemical characterization of experimental interaction between enclaves, minerals and their host (TiM’R)(Mickaël LAUMONIER)
  • Volatiles in the Earth’s interior(Manuela BORCHERT)
  • The role of down flow degassing on the emplacement of lava (Barnie TALFAN)

Congratulations to those who are chosen.

Postdoctoral research fellowship program : Selections announced

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