Fundamental research

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The following ClerVolc-funded research projects started in September 2012

earth science

  • Physical development of magmatic inclusions in crystals. Postdoctoral fellow F. Schiavi (Earth science)
  • Development of the La-Ce isotopic system, with application to arc lavas. PhD student N. Bellot (Earth science)
  • Isotopic (Os, Pb) constraints on petrogenetic models and magma sources at subduction zones. Postdoctoral fellow M. Gannoun (Earth science)
  • Developing a platform for numerical modelling of volcanic tsunamis. Technical engineer M. Ulvrova (Earth science)
  • Gas fluxes during explosive eruptions. Postdoctoral fellow G. Sawyer (Earth science)
  • Mass fluxes during explosive eruptions. Postdoctoral fellow S. Valade (Earth science)
  • Development of a volcano-dedicated InSAR data processing toolbox. Technical engineer M.-G. Bato (Earth science)
  • High pressure and high temperature experiments for the determination of thermochemical, physical, and kinetic constraints on magma genesis, evolution, and eruption. Technical engineer J. Chantel (Earth science)
  • Influence of mantle processes on volcanic behaviour. Postdoctoral fellow M. Carpentier (Earth science)
  • Magma reservoir depths, volatile budgets and recharge histories at caldera volcanoes. Postdoctoral fellow M. Mercier (Earth science)

    earth science + maths

  • Image processing of thermal imagery obtained during explosive eruptions. PhD student M. Bombrun (mathematics – Earth science)
  • Modelling of dense, two-phase volcanic flows. PhD student J. Mathe (mathematics – Earth science


earth science + particle p

  • Development of techniques of analysis and inversion of data from muon tomography. PhD student A. Portal (particle physics – Earth science)



computing + particle p

  •  Monte Carlo simulation for the 3D reconstruction of extended targets : application to the Auvergne volcanoes. PhD student P. Schweitzer (computing – particle physics)




earth science + psy

  • Risk perception related to volcanic activity and its impact. PhD student G. Merlhiot (psychology – Earth science)




earth science + brgm

  • Physical vulnerability of urban buildings and infrastructures to lahar and pyroclastic flow impacts. Postdoctoral fellow S. Hettinger (BRGM – Earth science)




The following Clervolc-funded equipments were acquired in 2012

  • MC-ICPMS and HR ICPMS spectrometers for studies of elemental and isotopic geochemistry and of source influences on eruptive processes
  • Internally heated pressure vessel for the study of basaltic melt vesiculation and for estimation of pre-eruptive conditions
  • Piston cylinder apparatus for studies of partial melting of the mantle
  • Particle morphology analyser for tephra imagery, size analysis and shape analysis
  • Gamma spectrometer with Ge counter for the analysis of 210Pb-226Ra-230Th disequilibria
  • Infrared and ultraviolet cameras for thermal imagery of volcanic plumes and lava flows
  • Ultraviolet camera for imagery and measurement of gas species in volcanic plumes