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In-house development initiatives to date

New technologies have emerged from inter-laboratory collaborations bringing together different scientific and technical know-how within the ClerVolc laboratories. Coupled with previously existing equipment in the different consortium laboratories, these in-house developments have provided ClerVolc with a cutting-edge instrumental park dedicated to research on volcanoes that is unmatched in Europe and rare globally.

  • Construction of mm-wavelength, 95 GHz Doppler radar for quantification of ash in volcanic plumes (‘Voldorad 3’). OPGC-LMV
  • Construction of detectors for measurement of nm-sized aerosols in volcanic emissions (Nano-CPC). LaMP.
  • Construction of detectors for the in situ measurement of radon in volcanic plumes. LPC-LMV.
  • Construction of cosmogenic muon detectors for the radiography of volcanic edifices. LPC-LIMOS.
  • Software production for the reduction of muography data, improving speed and efficiency. LPC.
  • Techniques for co-inversion of muographic and gravity data for well-posed solutions for the internal structures of volcanoes. LIMOS-LMV-LPC.
  • Construction of drone and onboard instrumentation for imagery and multiparameter measurements at active volcanoes. OPGC-LMV.
  • Creation of software toolbox for automated reduction of large InSAR datasets (RInG, Rapid Insar Generator). LMV.
  • Development of fictive domain mathematical technique for inversion of geodetic data and source characterisation. LMC-LIMOS-LMBP.
  • Construction of intelligent wireless sensor networks for the monitoring of volcanoes. LIMOS-LPC.
  • Installation of wireless 3D camera network for study of pyroclastic flow formation at Merapi Volcano. LMV-LIMOS.
  • Creation of benchmarked and fast processing platform for the simulation of volcanogenic tsunamis. LMV.
  • Development of mathematical model of particle-gas flow with interstitial pore pressure, with application to pyroclastic flow modelling. LMBP-LMV.
  • Development of psychological tests for reaction to natural hazards and risk. LAPSCO-LMV.