Auvergne Fellowship 2016: Selections announced

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5 research projects have been shortlisted in the main list and 5 others in the reserve list.
Subjects rated A are:

  • « Oxidation state of primitive arc-magma at the crust-mantle transition zone: Insight into the effect of melt-rock reaction and differentiation » (BOUILHOL P.)
  • « How the early crust looked like? Contributions from the accessory mineral archive » (BRUAND E.)
  • « Sedimentary record of Archean crustal growth and Earth’s primordial environments (Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa, 3.26-3.21 Ga) » (GROSJEAN A.S.)
  • « Experimental tests of the deep Earth recycling of water and carbon and its impact on volcanic productivity » (ROSENTHAL A.)
  • « Génération de tsunamis par impact granulaire le long de pentes volcaniques : effet de la fluidisation » (VIROULET S.)

Subjects shortlisted in the reserve list are:

  • « Volcanic hazard probability assessment with time and uncertainty quantification » (BEVILACQUA A.)
  • « Magma evolution, chamber dynamics, and time scale implications at Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador: Insights from plagioclase crystal zoning by in situ Sr and Li isotopic analyses » (ROULLEAU E.)
  • « Tracking geomorphological changes at active volcanoes using space-borne SAR sensors » (DI TRAGLIA F.)
  • « Convection in a metasedimentary crust: implications for melt behaviour and lower crust rheology » (RIEL N.)
  • « Study Of The Very Long Period Seismic Signals Of The Explosive Phase Of 2014 At Tungurahua Volcano » (MOLINA I.)
Auvergne Fellowship 2016: Selections announced

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