Sébastien COURT

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Sébastien COURT

Function: Post doctoral research fellow

Main Research Unit: LMBP – LMV



Sébastien was a ClerVolc post-doctoral fellow from 2015 to 2017. He worked with Olivier Bodart (LMBP), Valérie Cayol (LMV) and Jonas Koko (LMBP) on the development of a fast and efficient algorithm able to recover information on a subsurface fluid-filled cracks (its position, its shape, boundary conditions…) responsible for surface displacements at volcanoes. The technique was based on modelling using  fictive domain methods.

ClerVolc Publications

474. Bodart, O., Cayol, V., Court, S. and Koko J. (2016). XFEM-Based Fictitious Domain Method for Linear Elasticity Model with Crack. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 38:2, B219-B246

190. Bodart O., Cayol V., Court S., Koko J. (2016). XFEM-Based fictious domain method for linear elasticity model with crack. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (SISC) vol.38, p.B219-246, 2, doi:10.1137/15M1008385.

139. Bodart O., Cayol V., Court S., Koko J. (2016). Fictituous domain method for fracture models in elasticity, Progress in industrial mathematics at ECMI 2014. vol.22, Editors G. Russo, V. Capasso, G. Nicosia, V. Romano, ISBN 978-3-319- 23412-0, Springer International Publishing (ed.).

Sébastien COURT