Tran Duc Minh PHAN

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Tran Duc Minh PHAN

Function: Post doctoral research fellow

Main Research Unit:



Minh ran simulations of collapse of dry and dense columns of granular material and performed comparisons with the experimental results provided by Olivier Roche. He developed a post-processing code to perform analysis of the internal flow dynamics : separation in a dense static bed overlain by a thin moving layer.

ClerVolc Publications

402. Chupin L., Dubois T., Phan M., Roche O. (2021). Pressure-dependent threshold in a granular flow: Numerical modeling andexperimental validation. Journal of Non-newtonian Fluid Mechanics vol.291, p.104529, – DOI:10.1016/j.jnnfm.2021.104529.

Tran Duc Minh PHAN